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General – 20 years of experience

The staff at Americanos Debt Collection Management (ACM limited) are highly trained professionals with legal, paralegal, and financial background with more than twenty years experience in international debt collection. Our mission and target for our clients is to do the utmost to collect as quickly as possible and make sure that expenses are covered solely from collections. Litigation is proposed to our clients as a last option. Americanos Debt Collection Management (ACM Limited) is a commercial collection agency, which means we only collect on business to business accounts receivable.

Americanos Debt Collection Management (ACM Limited) & CNBI – Receivable Management Services

CNBI Ltd ( was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Stelios Americanos & Co LLC offering Receivable Management Services, including:

  • Data validation
  • Credit Rating
  • Consumer debt collections and
  • Credit Insurance

CNBI and Americanos Debt Collection Management (ACM Limited) work closely together as one team complementing one another and providing extra value for clients.

Our Goal

Americanos Debt Collection Management (ACM Limited) is committed to clearly-defined values, professionalism, confidentially in the treatment of our client’s sensitive data and highly focused on results i.e. collections. We are your intelligence partner in collecting you business receivables.

We are here to help you allocate your resources more efficiently by undertaking collection of your receivables.We guarantee professional interaction with your customers and one of our values is to build and maintain excellent relations with your debtors.This will help our collection efforts and mission.

  • We free you from administrative and monitoring tasks
  • We guarantee professional contact with your clients
  • We provide the space you need to concentrate on your case business
  • We ensure that the valuable customer relationship is preserved
  • We collect!

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